Who is Wendy Ullman

My name is Wendy Ullman and my husband Dan and I have been your neighbors for 32 years.  My husband owns a small business here. We 

Wendy and Dan at Lake Nockamixon.

raised our 3 daughters here, strong, independent, amazing women all.

 I have taught at Bucks County Community College and Montgomery County Community College for 29 years.  I am a member of the Pennsylvania Federation of Teachers and served on the negotiating team.

We’ve seen each other’s faces at our kids’ schools, on the hiking trails of our state and community parks, and at our shopping areas, farmers markets, and local restaurants.

I define myself as a Feminist, an Environmentalist, a Social Progressive, and a Fiscal Realist.  I live my values, vote my values, and contribute according to my values. 

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