Pennsylvania Can Do Better

As a lifelong educator, I am determined to make Education more affordable for all our students.

education-for-sale It is imperative that we immediately  reverse this trend of our legislature providing less and less funding for higher education. As an educator I see the hardships so many of my students face trying to finance their goal of a higher education. Pennsylvania’s tuition costs are well above the national average for two and four year public institutions.  These disparities range from Bucks County Community College’s tuition, which as of 2017 was 16% more than the national average, to Penn State’s tuition, which as of 2017 was a mind boggling 148% more than the national average! 

  • One proposal, entitled Pennsylvania Promise, details a plan to provide free tuition at two and four year public colleges and universities for all Pennsylvania citizens, as well as monetary grants for lower income students. This plan includes proposed funding streams that would not impact individual Pennsylvania taxpayers. This plan deserves immediate consideration.

We must invest in universal pre-k education and make it free for the neediest families and affordable for all. The benefits of pre-k education are irrefutable, both in the short-term and in the long-term. It provides a measurable step in bridging income and social inequalities.  Access to education is a fundamental human right.