The Issues

My priorities for impacting progressive policy include: 1) women and family, 2) clean energy and conservation, and 3) education.

Women and Family

  • I will fight to ensure women’s full reproductive rights in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • I will defend current funding for our citizens who rely on SNAP, CHIP, Medicaid, and subsidized insurance through the Affordable Care Act.
  • Pennsylvania must move forward on adopting Paid Family Medical Leave Coverage  and I will work with my fellow representatives to pursue policy to address this.
  • I will actively support efforts to begin a phased-in approach to raising the minimum wage in Pennsylvania beyond the current $7.25 an hour ($2.83 for tipped workers) to $15.00 an hour.


  • It is imperative that we immediately  reverse this trend of our legislature providing less and less funding for higher education.
  • We must invest in universal pre-k education and make it free for the neediest families and affordable for all.

Clean Energy and Conservation

  • First, the Pennsylvania State House must deal more effectively with Fracking and the Natural Gas Industry, the $6B gorilla in the room.
  • Second, to address climate change I will support legislation to incentivize clean energy for all.
  • And finally, we must protect and maintain the condition of our State Parks, which are invaluable resources for recreation and tourism.