Women and Family

Pennsylvania Can Do Better


When elected, I will ensure that we move forward together, not one step back.  The following are policy positions I will focus on once I am in Harrisburg.

First and foremost, given the continual aggressive assault from conservative forces in the legislature, I will fight to ensure women’s full reproductive rights in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Specifically, I will:

  • advocate that Planned Parenthood remains fully funded
  • ensure that the Affordable Care Act stipulation that free birth control coverage is retained in all health insurance plans

I will defend current funding for our citizens who rely on SNAP, CHIP, Medicaid, and subsidized insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

Pennsylvania must move forward on adopting Paid Family Medical Leave Coverage  and I will work with my fellow representatives to pursue policy to address this. This commonsense measure has been introduced in several states.  Typically, it is funded through a modest payroll deduction similar to unemployment insurance.  When the need arises, workers can draw on this fund to cover Family Medical Leave for childbirth, adoption, and care giving of family members. How would this work?

I will actively support efforts to begin a phased-in approach to raising the minimum wage in Pennsylvania beyond the current $7.25 an hour ($2.83 for tipped workers) to $15.00 an hour. Our minimum wage hasn’t been raised since 2006 and is lower than all of our neighboring states: New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, and , even West Virginia.

I am committed to fighting for IMMEDIATE Gun Safety Legislation

  • Banning Bump Stocks and Large Capacity Magazines
  • Banning sale of Assault Type weapons
  • Closing the “Boyfriend Loophole” that requires Spousal Abusers to turn in their guns but NOT boyfriend (or girlfriend) abusers.
  • Require hands-on Safety Training to own handguns (similar to Hunter Safety training to have a hunting license)

AND because it is clear that the momentum for genuine change is coming from grassroots groups such as Moms Demand Action and Bucks Students Demand Action, I urge everyone reading this to act NOW.  Waiting for the current batch of legislators to act is wasting valuable time.  Time that our children remain at risk.  Sometimes in a democracy Citizens must lead their leaders.